Copenhagen DAWN Conference 2022



DAWNWelcome to The Copenhagen DAWN Conference 2022.

The Cosmic Dawn Center (DAWN) is an  international basic research center with primary funding  from the Danish National Research Foundation. 

The Cosmic Dawn Center is an international center located at the Copenhagen University (KU) and the National Space Institute of Denmark (DTU-Space). The center is dedicated to uncovering how and when the first galaxies, stars and black holes formed, through observations with the prime telescopes of the next decade combined with theory and simulations.

Read more about the Cosmic Dawn Center and our activities here.


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22 June
Alice Shapley (UCLA) The Latest on Rest-Frame Optical Spectroscopy from Cosmic Noon back to DAWN
Charles Steinhardt (DAWN)
David Elbaz (Uni. Paris-Saclay) From Cosmic Dawn to Cosmic Noon; Strengths and weaknesses of a new emerging paradigm
Kate Whitaker (UMass, Amherst) Tracing the Cosmic Life Cycle of Massive Galaxies
Bahram Mobasher (UC Riverside) Search for Proto-clusters and the Role of Environment in the Evolution of Galaxies
Meg Urry (Yale)
AHA: Accretion, History of AGN
Dave Sanders (Uni. Hawai'i)

23 June
Masami Ouchi (Uni. Tokyo)
Precoursor Studies for JWST Observations Towards First Galaxies
Charlotte Mason (DAWN)
Victoria Strait (DAWN)
John Weaver (DAWN) COSMOS2020
Albert Sneppen (DAWN) Implications of a Temperature Dependent IMF
24 June
Lisa Kewley (Harvard & Smithsonian)
Roberto Maiolino (Cambridge)
Francesca Rizzo (DAWN) Galaxy formation in the JWST and ALMA era; A dynamical perspective
Bitten Gullberg (DAWN) High-redshift dusty starburst galaxies
Tommaso Treu (UCLA) Future Missions: Cosmic DAWN to Cosmic Noon
Kartik Sheth (NASA)
Günther Hasinger (ESA)





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Venue: The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, H. C. Andersens Blvd. 35, 1553 Copenhagen. A map can be found here and link to the website of the venue can be read here.

Wi-fi: The venue will provide with free wi-fi access and Edurom.

Catering: Refreshments will be served throughtout the 3-day conference including lunch each day.


  • Wednesday, 22 June 2022 will end with a Poster-session and a reception.
  • Thursday, 23 June 2022 will end with an excursion to Roskilde and the Viking Museum with a dinner at restaurant Snekken next to the museum and the harbour. Program:
14:00 Departure with a big double-decker bus from the conference venue
14:45 (cirka) Arrival at the Roskilde Viking Museum


Museum guided tour and rowing in Viking boats! We will be divided in 3 teams, so some will row first and vice versa. Bring warm clothes! As we sail also in rainy weather.

19:00-20:30 Dinner at Snekken Restaurant in Roskilde Harbour
20:30-22:00 Bonfire ’Midsummer/Sankt Hans evening’  that is a Danish tradition
22:00 Departure with the bus to Copenhagen with 2 stops at both the conference venue and the Phoenix hotel for invited speakers and guests.

Accommodation: Hotel Phoenix, Bredgade 37, 1260 København K. The hotel serves a wonderful breakfast every morning. Read more about the hotel and facilities here. Transportation with the Metro-line can be taken directly from the Copenhagen Airport to the hotel with stop at "Kgs. Nytorv/Kings Square", which is in walking distance to the Hotel. See a google map of the hotel and metro stop here.

Transportation in Copenhagen: The Hotel Phoenix is located in the heart of Copenhagen and the metro and other public transportation is very accessable. Read more about travel-card/travel app here for purchasing tickets.

Covid-19: There are no longer COVID-19 restrictions in Denmark. Read more here.

Video-recording of the talks and photographing: We highlight that video and photographing throughout the 3-day conference can be expected.

  • We will have a professional photographer during the conference, taking pictures of all talks, group photos and NEW STAFF PORTRAITS. The portraits will be taken during all the breaks with photographer Zarko Ivetic at the venue.



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Sune Toft, Center Director (

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Helena Baungaard-Sørensen, Section Secretary (

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