Conflict Management Workshop: Handling difficult conversations and change in practice

Handling difficult conversations and change in practice

Practical methods and mindset to contain, reduce and solve conflicts and mitigate resistance of change.

The 4 hour long workshop focuses on creating an understanding of the basic mechanisms in conflicts and people's psychological reactions to change and on inter-personnel communication, which can reduce beginning conflict situations. We also touch on how you can best get your message through and reach your receiver.

We work with tools, that the participants themselves can use actively to meet difficult conversations in a constructive manner so the conflicts can be avoided, reduced or dissolved. 

  • The importance of stating why and whats’s in it for me, when you want your message to get through

  • Basic mechanisms in communication between people 

  • The nature of conflicts - how and when do they begin?

  • The conflict ladder – what makes conflicts escalade or de-escalade?

  • Appreciative and non-violent communication – this is what you do

  • Body language and the tone of voice influences your mode of communication 

  • Working with the above elements in simulated role playing

Puk has asked that you please prepare beforehand by reading chapter 1 from the book ”Difficult Conversations” which you will find by using this link:

Instructor Puk Scharbau