2018 Summer Lunch Talks

There will be a lunch talk every Wednesday at 12:00, either in the 1st floor lounge at NBI or Building 328 at DTU, with the exception of 25 (Geological Museum).  If you would like us to pick up lunch for you, please get lunch orders in by 11:00 the day of the talk.  The planned speakers for Summer 2018 are below.

Date Speaker Title
June 18 Marianne Vestergaard (NBI) Quasars and AGN
June 27 Ole Baltazar Andersen (DTU) The shape of the Earth from Space: Do the oceans have hills and valleys?
July 4 Nils Olsen (DTU) Earth's Magnetic Field
July 11 Kate Whitaker (Connecticut) Astrophysics in the 2030s: Resolving Galaxy Formation and Evolution with the LUVOIR Space Telescope
July 18 Mohamed Rameez (NBIA), Subir Sarkar (NBIA) IceCube Identifies the First High Energy Cosmic Neutrino Source
July 25 Morten Bo Madsen (NBI) Exploration of Mars
August 1 Michael Andersen (NBI) How to use the 2.5m Nordic Optical Telescope for groundbreaking science in the future
August 8 Thomas Blunier (NBI) Climate research from ice cores
August 15 Paul Steinhardt (Princeton) Cosmic Pizza
August 22 Henrik Svensmark (DTU) Cosmic rays, Clouds and Climate
August 29 Mogens Jensen (NBI) Coupled Oscillators in Biology