18 November 2019

Sinclaire Manning of the University of Texas interning at DAWN

Sinclaire Manning, a PhD candidate from the University of Texas will be interning at DAWN for the next couple of semesters and giving a welcome cake talk titled: Characterizing Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies in the Early Universe: 2mm ALMA Discoveries and Future Optical-Radio Morphologies:

The abstract for the cake talk was:

As a way to introduce myself to everyone at DAWN/DARK, my cake talk will be split into two parts. First, I will provide an overview of my work involving the optical through radio morphologies of dust obscured star-forming galaxies (DSFGs) at z=1-3. This will include a summary of the SuperCLASS Survey, the work I have done to create a photometric redshift catalog for the collaboration, and the broader science goals for my dissertation. The second half will be a discussion of a new 2mm survey with ALMA and the project I hope to complete using this data while at DAWN over the next 4 ½ months. The current understanding of star-formation in the early universe is severely limited by a lack of IR constraints and the sample incompleteness at z>2.5 is one of the main drivers behind this type of blind search for high redshift DSFGs. I plan to characterize two sources (out of 12 total) detected at 2mm in the full 155 arcmin^2 survey which lies within the CANDELS portion of the COSMOS field. These sources lack good OIR counterparts, but are detected in IRAC, making them the highest redshift candidate DSFGs (z>5) in the field.

It's already been nice having Sinclaire here, making contributions to the team. Welcome to DAWN!