29 January 2020

235th AAS meeting Honolulu w/ DAWN members

AAS Sunday poster session 

The 235th AAS meeting was held jointly with the AAS Historical Astronomy and High Energy Astrophysics Divisions in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, from the 4th to the 8th of January 2020. DAWN members Ass. Prof. Charles L. Steinhardt, undergraduate RA Christian K. Jespersen as well as several DAWN summer all attended, giving presentations on the research conducted during the last year.

DAWN Undergraduate RA Christian K. Jespersen presenting the work done at Caltech during the summer of 2019

The meeting had over 3000 attendees, from all different areas of astronomy. Prof. Steinhardt was an invaluable mentor for all the undergraduates attending this very important conference, guiding them through the jungle of graduate schools, which important people to meet and how to present research effectively.

Albert B. Sneppen presenting the research done at DAWN during the summer of 2019 to a Chambliss judge. His project was advised by Charles Steinhardt.

The 5-day conference included poster sessions with approximately 200 posters per day, oral sessions, workshops, plenary lectures and prize lectures, all of which were extremely exciting and very rewarding to attend.

Luckily, we also got some time to explore the island, going out networking, and even going on a bike ride around the coast of O’ahu.