David Sanders - Hawaii Two-0: The Evolution of Massive Galaxies at 3 < z < 7

Abstract: The Hawaii 20 sq.deg. Deep Survey (H20) of the North Ecliptic Pole (NEP) and
Chandra Deep Field South (CDFS) - the 2 major calibration fields for Euclid and
WFIRST - is combining nearly 6000 Hrs. of “warm-Spitzer” imaging and 40 nights
of Subaru-HSC imaging and Keck-MOSFIRE spectroscopy to provide the first
definitive constraints on the evolution of the massive galaxies, log(M/Ms) > 10.5,
at 3 < z < 7, estimates of their dark matter haloes via clustering measurements,
and identification of rare “Rosetta stone” objects that may be re-ionizing the universe
at z > 7. I will review current state-of-the-art measurements of the galaxy mass
function at z > 3, and show the improvements that will result from the Hawaii Two-0 Survey.