Emil (Thøger) Rivera-Thorsen - Neutral gas kinematics and Lyman radiation

Abstract: The kinematics and geometric properties of the neutral ISM and CGM in star forming galaxies are crucial regulators of the radiative transfer and escape of both Lyman-alpha and Lyman-continuum radiation. Because the two kinds of radiation are affected differently by the gas, they can in turn provide complementary information about the gas. This realization has in recent years led to a host of publications about the links between observables and astrophysical properties of the neutral gas. Here, I will briefly sketch a comparative study of these properties in the local Universe and in a comparatively large sample of gravitationally lensed at redshifts 1.5 < z < 3.5; the epoch called "Cosmic Noon" because it represents the peak of star formation in the history of the Universe. I will then proceed to present an extreme lensed galaxy found during the selection of the lensed sample. Besides being fascinating in its own right, its rare Ly-alpha and Lyman-continuum properties promises to let us explore some edge cases in ISM/CGM properties that can help strengthen our understanding of the neutral gas properties in in the young Universe.