The DAWN-IRES Scholars at the annual DAWN Summit, visiting the Island of Hven where Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546–1601) built two observatories, Uraniborg and Stjerneborg, during 1576–1596. Photo Credit: G. Brammer

The Cosmic Dawn Center runs an undergraduate summer research program in conjunction with the NSF IRES programs. Thanks to their generosity, we hope to have approximately 2-5 US students come to Copenhagen and work with us during the summer. The Cosmic Dawn Center scientific expertise spans the full observational and theoretical realm of the Cosmic Dawn, the time period within a few billion years of the Big Bang. Joining the vibrant research atmosphere and unique city life, students will be provided a once in a lifetime opportunity to perform research relevant to current open questions in astrophysics.

Formally, these will be NSF projects taking place in Denmark.  It is possible that some students will also be able to come as part of an affiliated SURF summer program.

Only some of the faculty will be around to mentor projects over the summer, with Sune Toft, and Gabe Brammer being the most likely. These are all projects in astronomy and astrophysics, but we would be happy to have other majors join us for the summer. DAWN scholars will join a cohort of 7 students to enjoy a stimulating 10-week science program set in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The program builds in 1 week of vacation, encouraging participates to enjoy all that Europe has to offer on a student-friendly budget.  DAWN scholars will also attend the annual American Astronomical Society winter meeting to present their research findings.  Come join us at DAWN, as we explore the rich uncharted territory of the first stars, galaxies and black holes!

To check out more about the program, check out https://www.dawnires.com/ . The application site can be found at https://www.dawnires.com/apply-now. Applications for the 2020 program will open  in December 2019.