2022 Summer Lunch Talks

There will be a lunch talk every Wednesday at 12:00 CEST in the NBB.  If you would like us to pick up lunch for you, please get lunch orders in by 11:00 the day of the talk.  The planned speakers for Summer 2022 are below.

Date Speaker Title
June 15 Machine Learning Talks Project Presentations, in HCØ
June 22 DAWN Conference No talks due to DAWN Conference
June 30 (moved from 29th) Tom Gilbert (NBI) Embrace the Hologenome - maybe it can save species from extinction
July 6 Vedran Sekara (ITU) The Pitfalls of Machine Learning Models: Robustness, Bias, and Drift
July 13 Elodie Floriane Mandel-Briefer (KU) Evolution of vocal expression of emotions: can humans and animals understand each other?
July 20 Andreea Anamaria-Muresan (DIKU) Towards VR-Centered Interaction Design
July 27 Albert Sneppen (DAWN) TBD
August 3 Morten Ravn (Vikingeskibsmuseet) TBD
August 10 Laureanne Appel (ZeroNorth) TBD
August 17 Patricia Yang (Tsing Hua University) TBD
August 24 Anders Svensson (NBI) TBD